5 October 2017, 6-8pm
October 4-14 2017

Schönhauser Allee 161A,
Prenzlauer Berg

Introduction -
Andrew Gritscher - The Way Out of the Way Out

5 October 2017, 6-8pm (October 4-14 2017)
tête Schönhauser Allee 161A Prenzlauer Berg

After months of dedicated time in his atelier in Melbourne, Australia, Gristcher has created an exceptional body of new work for exhibition at Tête in Berlin. For this ‘The Way Out of The Way Out’ series the artist’s main medium is fabric – fabric that is stitched, unstitched, cut, patched, rearranged, added to, subtracted from – completely transformed into essentially three dimensional works that drape from the wall like a ‘Contemporary Tapestry’ or ‘Soft Graffiti’. At times works in this series are literally buttoned together to make a larger whole work comprised of parts. While his selection of materials appears limitless his work is cohesive and every visual clue intentional even if at times the edges are frayed, the materials look indiscriminately marked, placed or are hanging by a thread.

Hidden in the stitches of his sets of soft panels the content of what Gritscher aims to express is equally impressive, avoiding prescriptive, didactic, language to posit ideas and more benignly provoke or initiate responses.

Andrew Gritscher’s ‘The Way Out of the Way Out’ is his third solo exhibition with Jacob Hoerner Galleries and first exhibition in Berlin. Gritscher is in the Australian Government’s Artbank Collection and in numerous private collections in Australia and Europe.