25 May 2017, 6-8pm
May 24 - June 3 2017

93 Moor St,

Introduction -
Alison Binks - The Ancients

25 May 2017, 6-8pm (May 24 - June 3 2017)
93 Moor St Fitzroy

The Ancients have been around for millennia. They watched we humans come, and they may well watch us go.

Sometimes they shift – ancient rock adjusts his shoulders, weary from being in the same position for so long. A creak, followed by a small rockslide. Rarely are we there to see it. The sea moves as one, and along this southern coast the fiercest winds are always from the ocean, nothing between some of these cliff faces and Antarctica except that immense sea and sky.

This collection of paintings is my tribute to The Ancients. Tinker as we do, with our digging and planting and pumping of gasses into the air, ultimately the rock and the sea are greater than us. They have the time to wait that we don’t. The great face of rock jutting out to the ocean must look upon us as foolish things, with our busyness and motion.

As with all my work, my hope is to give the viewer pause. That the painting will draw the viewer in, and over time perceptions will shift, as different aspects of the painting emerge, together with the wandering of the mind.”

Alison Binks | 2017