12 September 2015, 3-5pm
September 10 - September 27

Kick Gallery
4 Peel Street,

Introduction -
Rius Carson - Shadows of Self

12 September 2015, 3-5pm (September 10 - September 27)
Kick Gallery 4 Peel Street Collingwood

‘The world is so mixed up when you consider all the competing desires and aspirations we all have, it is hard to make sense of it all to discover the right path… everything is becoming a commodity, a product, everything assimilated into our main stream middle class western culture as something that everyone needs and must have to attain a sense of happiness and achievement that is some how required for fulfilment.

Shadows of Self is a play on the idea that the artist is almost seen as a shamanistic being. In part it also refers to how buying art allows you to buy in to a being a more spiritually connected person….maybe it does….reality transformed into the spiritual, then transformed in to commodity, almost a piece of soul which conveys or connects us to a more meaningful way of being.

My art is a reflection of my own thought dreams dilemmas an expression of myself as I see the world, tapping into the collective consciousness that is constantly evolving. Through art I am hoping to connect people with, and reassure that in essence we are all the same just reflections of one another, I want to connect people to their feelings, to stimulate an emotive response, an understanding that we as humans are all interconnected, all part of the one earth.’

Rius Carson | August 2015