26 May 2016, 6-8pm
& by Appointment

Swan Street Studios
550 Swan Street,

Introduction -
Jewels Stevens - Retrospect

26 May 2016, 6-8pm (& by Appointment)
Swan Street Studios 550 Swan Street Richmond

Retrospect is an exhibition of a selected works by Jewels Stevens, a combination of new and older works shown in a way that recontextualises the way these paintings have previously been viewed. Through this retrospective approach to the way these works are seen new associations are created. Individually they oscillate between works that are vivid, vivacious reflections of Stevens’ persona, while in other works we see cooler parts of her palette and approach to painting come to the fore. These visual manifestations are windows to her inner world and illuminate Stevens’ ability to capture transcendental light through her luxurious use of colour, shape and form.