1 April 2017, 2-4pm
Thu-Sat 12-5pm 2017

Casa Ciuccio
13-15 Gertrude St,

Introduction -
Rius Carson - Life is a Dream

1 April 2017, 2-4pm (Thu-Sat 12-5pm 2017)
Casa Ciuccio 13-15 Gertrude St Fitzroy
Life is a Dream is the title of an exhibition of two parts. Firstly it represents the title of a new series of paintings by Rius Carson that explore the artist’s emotive response to love, freedom and happiness as well as loss, anxiety, envy and disconnection. Through the cathartic process of painting Carson has created visually rich and complex works that are immediately engaging, layered in meaning, and layered in terms of the actual application of the mixed media he uses. These ‘landscapes of life’ are honest in the way the artist expresses pain and confusion and yet a positivity, a sense of calm and a love of love is ever present and comes through his unrestrained use of colour, texture and composition.
The second part of this exhibition is essentially seperate to his most recent painting series, placed in amongst Carson’s paintings are a series of ‘Long Birds’, painted wood sculptures that are over 3 metres tall inhabit the exhibition space. These iconic Carson sculptures form a part of his on-going sculptural practice and add an omnipresence, a stability, a totemic timelessness in contrast to Carson’s artistic activities relating to the heart that he expresses in his Life is a Dream paintings.

Life is a Dream
runs from March 30 – April 1 2017.