1 September 2016, 6-8pm
(& by Appointment)

Second Space Projects
4/95 Victoria St,

Introduction -
John Lennox - Key works

1 September 2016, 6-8pm ((& by Appointment))
Second Space Projects 4/95 Victoria St Fitzroy

John Lennox was a central figure in a circle of artists, collectors and socialites that existed concurrently alongside the narrower, more canonised, academic art establishment of Melbourne during the 1970’s and 1980’s. As is evident in his more decorative work Lennox was a formally trained painter however when he deferred from painting idyllic garden or bush scenes a more existential side that reflected the nature of his eventual isolation came to the fore.

The three main paintings in Key works are representative of some of Lennox’ most iconic imagery. The repetition of his own self portrait or that of his enigmatic wife, amidst a litter of symbolic items, staged in a cemetery with his and her ultra cool disposition – or at times a non-emotive stare – combine to create a mysterious documentation of the artist and his perception of the world around him. These three key works are all interrelated and follow a narrative that looks at life and it’s inevitable intersection with death, there are references to close relationships and love, there is even a certain paranormal imbued in the scenes we are presented with.

Renewed interest in Lennox’ career comes at a time when many academics and critics across the world have once again focussed their attention on the place of outsiders in art history – those that are under-discovered – those artists that on occasion are some of the best contributers to grand narratives in art. Lennox was without doubt an enigmatic, alluring and charismatic painter that sought to show beauty as well as delve deep into the psyche of a world more akin to a surreal dream.