10 February 2022, Premiere Screening 4-8pm February 10 2022
February 9 - 26 2022

1 Sutton Place Carlton,

Introduction -
Rebecca Agnew - Infinite West

10 February 2022, Premiere Screening 4-8pm February 10 2022 (February 9 - 26 2022)
1 Sutton Place Carlton Melbourne

Rebecca Agnew

Premiere Screening 4-8pm Thursday February 10 2022
February 9 – 26 2022

A twilight into Spaghetti Western comedy, Rebecca Agnew presents her long awaited stop motion animation. Invisible hands occupy the Death Valley desert, bearers of the devotional and ceremonial raising of the Infinite West.

The world asunder, thematic narratives loosely follow Hatshepsut’s rise to the throne of Egypt in 1478 BC, and the enchantment with warlike women of nomadic cultures through the evolution of activewear fashion and the divisiveness of sexual wellness in contemporary culture and social media.

A homily to the coming of age story, the vast scenes in fields laden with spaghetti diverge into a complex and world of unconscious imagination; formulating questions of imperialism, identity, race and sexuality in the ultimate release of moral responsibilities.

Rebecca Agnew is a painter, sculptor and stop-motion animator. Her work explores the human condition in our expanding cultural economy, reflecting on these themes through referencing history, art and artefact she uses the figure and traces of human intervention as a centrepiece.

Infinite West runs February 9 – 26 2022