3 November 2016, 6-8pm
Wed-Sat 12-5pm Nov 2-Nov 12 2016

Ground Floor 95 Hornby Street,

Introduction -
Mike Portley - Fiat

3 November 2016, 6-8pm (Wed-Sat 12-5pm Nov 2-Nov 12 2016)
Ground Floor 95 Hornby Street Windsor

In Fiat, Mike Portley explores themes relating to the control of currency and the impact of economies on the natural world. The ubiquitous concept of fiat currency or legal tender is in itself a a token symbol for a stored unit of value; and historically relates to items or resources of value taken from the natural world. The extrapolation of the financial system, through time, has distorted the intrinsic symbolism or currency so that the unit itself has more value than the real wealth around us. Portley asks questions about the flawed logic of the monetary system and its disconnection from natural systems.

Portley infuses Egyptian symbols and Judeo-Christian mysticism to highlight the evolution and manipulation of economies via the ruling elites to the common citizen. The use of specific symbology and financial jargon are used to juxtapose their financial context with the natural world. Surviving ancient currencies such as gold and silver are used to allude to the past and to times where currency was finite and relative in value to items of trade. The analogy of flight is used consistently in the works to communicate ideals of freedom and a flight from the counter-intuitive systems that underpin many of our current problems.