9 July 2015, 6-8pm
July 9 - July 26

Kick Gallery
4 Peel Street,

Introduction -
Andrew Gritscher - Extra-ordinary paintings based on actual events

9 July 2015, 6-8pm (July 9 - July 26)
Kick Gallery 4 Peel Street Collingwood

Andrew Gritscher approaches his artistic practice in a way that reflects his formal training in Chinese medicine. Allegorically, in his work and in his medical practice, physical frameworks and parameters are understood and establish form however it is through deeper exploration and reflection that he achieves a truer understanding of what is taking place in the individual and, in relation to the sociological and philosophical messages imbedded in his artistic work, in his response to the world around us. His works are, as with his patients, comprised of a sum of parts rather than individual marks or motifs that are unrelated and independent of each other.