1 November 2014, 3-5pm
October 30 - November 16

Kick Gallery
4 Peel Street,

Introduction -
John Lennox - Enigma

1 November 2014, 3-5pm (October 30 - November 16)
Kick Gallery 4 Peel Street Collingwood

John Lennox was a central figure in a circle of artists, collectors and socialites that existed concurrently alongside the narrower, more canonised, academic art establishment of Melbourne during the 1970’s and 1980’s. As is evident in his more decorative work Lennox was a formally trained painter however when he deferred from painting idyllic garden or bush scenes a more existential side that reflected the nature of his eventual isolation came to the fore.

Renewed interest in Lennox’ career comes at a time when academia across the world has once again switched its attention to the place of outsiders in Art History. Lennox was undoubtedly an enigmatic, albeit charismatic, ‘Outsider’. With a combination of exceptional technical skill and a psychological depth in his work and persona, the new curated exhibition Enigma is set to prompt that Lennox and his contribution to Australian painting be looked at anew.