24 May 2018, 6-8pm
May 24 - June 10 2018

69 Moor St,

Introduction -
Mike Portley - Duets

24 May 2018, 6-8pm (May 24 - June 10 2018)
69 Moor St Fitzroy

In his upcoming exhibition Duets, Mike Portley explores the nature of contention and opposition in a series of diptychs. The dark subject matter is augmented by a sense of levity and humour where the political climate of conflict and contention is questioned against spacious encompassing backdrops. Portley has chosen a neutral colour palette and selected subjects that signify the adage of “black and white”; of no middle ground between opposing forces. This is a statement that asks questions of the control of contemporary media and finance where people are manipulated into oppositional groups; and for what purpose.