3 September 2020,
September 3 - 20 2020


Introduction -
Brigita Lastauskaite - Below the Surface

3 September 2020, (September 3 - 20 2020)

Viewing Room – ENTER here

To ‘Enter’ and then ‘Navigate’ around the Viewing Room exhibitions please follow the instructions and prompts within the virtual spaces. A few key features that are important to know about include: Expanding to ‘Full Screen’ for a better experience; Clicking on any work from across the space to zoom in from a distance; Clicking on ‘Take a Tour’ which allows for navigated ‘tour’ to guide you through the exhibition; as well as Clicking on the ‘Information’ icon when viewing a single work up close to see the medium, dimensions and price of works.

For any further information, questions or guidance please email/call/text info@jacobhoernergalleries.com / +61 (0) 412 243 818