30 July 2015, 6-8pm
July 30 - August 16

Kick Gallery
4 Peel Street,

Introduction -
Jewels Stevens - An Ocean Inside

30 July 2015, 6-8pm (July 30 - August 16)
Kick Gallery 4 Peel Street Collingwood

An Ocean Inside is a dynamic exhibition of new work by Jewels Stevens in which she continues her bold exploration of inner worlds. Stevens’ unique visual language is inherently bound to a process of evolution and in this series we see a new found freedom of expression and a deeper understanding of her creativity. These exhilarating ‘internal landscapes’ are profound in their honesty, their impact immediate and visceral. Stevens allows the paint to flow in a symbiotic dance with her subconscious without holding back or censoring her deepest intuition and raw creativity. This powerful transcendental expression realises itself through vivid explosions of colour and subtle gradations of tone reminiscent of moving through many layers of consciousness, at once deeply mysterious and powerfully revealing.