Alex Hamilton - Biography

Through his measured use of colour and line Alex Hamilton’s lyrical yet structured drawings pulse. Aesthetically intriguing and riddled with illusionary play, Hamilton allows us to see subliminal tones and rhythms literally streaming through the staid and static urban environments he depicts. Hamilton’s unique visual language, selection of subject, and the cues he layers one upon another, invite the viewer to delve deeper into his complex drawings in search of coded syntax, hidden persuaders, or just an alternate vision of an underlying reality always present. The intersecting lines and free shapes Hamilton places no longer abide by standard rules such as ‘this is up’ ‘that is down’, standard associations don’t quite fit, we are in a different place – harmonious yet hyper attuned, futuristic yet very much from now – a sense that in our day to day world this parallel perspective may hold more truths than at first glance.

Hamilton has exhibited consistently since the mid-1980s throughout the world in solo exhibitions most frequently in London and New York; institutional presentations including the Edith Cowan University (Perth, 2017), Millennium Gallery (Sheffield, 2017), Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna, 2011), Tate Britain (London, 2006); as well as at major International Art Fairs including Art Basel (2018), Art Rotterdam (2018), TEFAF (2017), Art Chicago (2006) & Drawing Now Paris on numerous occasions since 2010.

Hamilton is represented in numerous major Collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Saatchi Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Library, Baltimore Museum of Modern Art, Denver Museum of Modern Art, Gino Gigi Archives, Milan, Judith Hoffberg Archives, Paragon Press, the Charles Booth-Clibbon Collection, as well as Private Collections in Australia, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Russia, UK & USA.