About - Jacob Hoerner Galleries

Jacob Hoerner holds a Masters of Arts Management from the University of Melbourne that included a one month final year elective ‘Contemporary Art : Art in New York’ held in the United States (2008); a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University that included a full final year of accredited study at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) (1997); as well as a Graduate Diploma from RMIT (2001). In addition to formal academic study, Jacob has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America over the last 25 years undertaking self-directed research to further understand and be a participant in the International and Australian Art Markets.

Independent of study and research Jacob has been the Director of Jacob Hoerner Galleries (2022-2016), formerly Kick Gallery (2016-2002). Major highlights in recent years have included the production of two Solo exhibitions in Berlin in 2017, the presentation of numerous represented artists at Sydney Contemporary in 2018, 2019 and 2022 & participation in the Melbourne Art Fair in 2014 & 2022 . New International and Australian based presentations are currently being developed for 2022 on-going alongside more academic and freelance work to be undertaken concurrent to the production of exhibitions and participation in Art Fairs.

Jacob Hoerner Galleries’ New Exhibition Space at 1 Sutton Place Carlton is now the primary location for the presentation of our Annual Program of Solo & Group Exhibitions in Australia.