About - Jacob Hoerner Galleries

Jacob Hoerner holds a Masters of Arts Management from the University of Melbourne that included a one month final year elective ‘Contemporary Art : Art in New York’ held in the United States (2008); a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University that included a full final year of accredited study at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) (1997); as well as a Graduate Diploma from RMIT (2001). In addition to formal academic study, Jacob has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America over the last 25 years undertaking self-directed research to further understand and be a participant in the International and Australian Art Markets.

Independent of study and research Jacob has been the Director of Jacob Hoerner Galleries (2023-2016), formerly Kick Gallery (2015-2002). New International and Australian based presentations are currently being developed for 2023/2024 on-going alongside more academic and freelance work to be undertaken concurrent to the production of exhibitions and participation in Art Fairs.

Jacob Hoerner Galleries’ Exhibition Space at 1 Sutton Place Carlton is now the primary location for the presentation of our Annual Program of Solo & Group Exhibitions in Australia.