News - Melbourne Art Fair – 2020 Viewing Room

The two Artists to be shown by Jacob Hoerner Galleries at the Melbourne Art Fair 2020 ‘Viewing Room’ Virtual Fair are David Palliser and Andrew Sibley.

The recent works by Palliser selected for this presentation show his sophisticated approach to painting, considered visual language, and ambiguous internal logic expressed through his multi-layered wayward abstractions.

The suite of works to be presented by Andrew Sibley are a selection of unique paintings on Arches Dessin paper created over 4 years from 1978-1981, a series of portraits that subtly transmute, a series of portraits that delicately capture the mood or state of being of each muse, all the more alluring and engaging that they were created over an extended period during a transformative time in Sibley’s career as his imagery from the late 70s shifted into a new visual style in the early 1980s.