Sean Hogan

Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday September 22 2022
September 22 – October 15 2022

Algorithms are the code that gives a computer the specific instructions to complete a task. With the first computer algorithm, inputs were made by humans and the output was the desired result. From social media to computer games, algorithms are the foundation for digital technology. As technology keeps advancing and everything keeps going digital, we’ve reached a point where algorithms are everywhere and are controlling everything. They are shaping our culture, what we see, what we hear and also how we live. The algorithms are now shaping us.

Despite their apparent benefits, algorithms are not perfect and are prone to fostering discrimination, bias and misinformation. Moreover, delegating decisions to algorithms is dangerous. Not only can algorithms create problems, but they can also perpetuate conspiracy theories and fake news. Within the social media sphere, by analyzing current and historical data, predictive algorithms forecast a users wants and needs with targeted ‘suggestions’ thus creating an echo chamber (an environment where a person only encounters information or opinions that reflect and reinforce their own).

Previously, I looked at algorithmic and system thinking and applied it to the creation of the works. In ‘Perspectives’ the works are created as a response and critique to the predictive algorithm, the echo chamber, the set of rules that promote sameness rather than diversity of thought.

Sean Hogan| September 2022

runs September 22 – October 15 2022

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