Alison Binks - Biography

“Alison Binks came seriously to painting after establishing a career in architecture and interior design. Her sparse compositions, with their delicately worked surfaces, have the designer’s touch in the surety of their composition and intuitive sense of proportion. They combine an abstract simplicity with an understanding and feeling for the landscape, which comes from close direct observation. Seeing her beautiful interpretations of the outback makes it hard to believe that she came to oil painting while living and working in New York City. The works of Horizon are as far from the hustle of New York as one might imagine, but even yet they are imbued with a sophistication and coolness so different from most artistic interpretations of the outback. She has no need for rustic characters, tough shearers and picnic races, just the clear divisions of land and sky that dominate our view for thousands of kilometres around. The intricacy of her painted surfaces, the mix of wax and oil, provides the complexity of the close view, the micro contrast to the vast expanse of nothingness, familiar yet alien at the same time. She suggests the inherent mystery of the works is an opening for the viewer to enter a meditative place from which one can gradually expand our understanding and sense of place. It is work that will grow and develop in the mind, just as her subjects plot the subtle changes of the world flashing past our speeding car windows.”

– Gavin Fry, March 2015