Jewels Stevens - Biography

Jewels Stevens is an artist who creates visually luxurious paintings that are a reflection of her mind’s eye. Informed by the sights and sounds of the places she travels to and explores, Stevens is a voyager, not voyeur. Delving deep in to inner realms through meditation, music, dance and ceremony Stevens also draws inspiration from the wonders of the physical world we come from. Rather than these inner and outer realms being seen as separate there is more of a melding of both that manifests in her work.

While there is most often an immediate impact in her bold and expressive paintings, as one delves further in to the layered brush work more detail and nuance unveils. Concerned with colour, composition and the atmospheric mood of the work there is a constant flux between more quiet and more chaotic forces. In essence Stevens is interested in creating a pictorial landscape where the paintings seem to possess their own logic, knitting together both strong feelings and nonsensicality, always with an endeavor to translate her reverie for music in its poetic sense to a physical form.