About - Jacob Hoerner Galleries

Over the last 20 years Jacob Hoerner has consistently produced commercial exhibitions by selected artists from Australia and abroad. Initially producing intermittent exhibitions in Europe in the late 1990’s, on returning to Australia in the early 2000’s Jacob established a commercial gallery in Melbourne under the name Kick Gallery that ran from 2002 – 2015.

Since the start of 2016 Jacob has sought to take a different approach to exhibiting under the new name Jacob Hoerner Galleries in which the work of the gallery’s represented artists are shown at a variety of exhibition spaces and Art Fairs in Australia and abroad. This new model is a return to Jacob’s early days initiating exhibitions at a variety of spaces for short periods of time and at the same time this new approach is informed by producing an annual program of exhibitions from a fixed location for over a decade and a half.

Jacob has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from La Trobe University (1993-97), with a final year at the University of Amsterdam (1997), as well as a Masters of Arts Management and Curatorial Studies from Melbourne University (2004-08).